FOV Inc Mission and Vision

FOV Inc Mission and Vision

FOV Inc. (Friends of Victims) Foundation


To bring awareness and action to the cause of victims of social injustice, victims of SARS CoV2, and victims of climate change.

In awareness to provide current news articles across multiple genres, resources for victims to find as much help in their need as possible. To provide a safe have for interaction for those suffering from victimization.

In action to provide the latest means to aide in the collection of names of those who have died of SARS CoV2.

To offer a sliding scale for the replacement of fossil fuel driven utility equipment, with renewable energy sources based on solar, wind and battery power electrical power sources.


It is our desire to provide realistic resources to the victims of social injustice, Coronavirus, and Climate Change. This is done in the hope that a new standard of living is adopted, where the working class and the wealthy class meet at a privilege juncture where disadvantaged communities have the resources to lead a fruitful a reasonably privileged life. And the wealthy are held to a higher standard of economic balance with the working class.

This is accomplished through our sliding scale model.